Quick Start Guide

Before we start, let me explain you what gosh! is and for what you can use it.

With gosh! you can quickly launch a highly secure text and/or video conference with any people in a very simple way. You don't need a special plugin or add-on for your browser - just a WebRTC-enabled browser such as Chrome, Firefox. (See browser compatibility list)

Now let's gosh! Here we go.
  1. Enter a user name.
  2. Enter the room name you want to join or create.
  3. Please read and confirm our "Terms of use" and "Privacy Policy".
  4. If you want to save your username and room name for future meetings in your browser's local storage, activate the second checkbox.
  5. Go, press the "gosh!" button.
Note: Nobody except the users in the meeting room can see your user name.

You are safe now. You can send messages to the room and its users.

Turn on Video and Audio

If a user has activated its audio or video, you see and hear him automatically. If you want to turn on your own video, please click on the "Video" button. Your browser opens a dialog and asks you which microphone and which webcam you want to use. In most cases, the default devices are appropriate. Now you transmit your video and audio to all users in the room. Click the "Video" button again to stop your video and audio transmission.

Using screen sharing

Please visit our screen sharing instructions for more informations on how to set up your desktop browser.